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Thursday, September 23, 2004
Sick of Iraqinam

I've had it! I am so sick of hearing about how Iraq is such a terrible quagmire that is just as bad, if not worse than Vietnam. It's like opening up the help wanted ads in your newspaper and seeing the plethora of jobs while John Kerry talks about us teetering on the Great Depression. We are no where near Herbert Hoover days.

By the same token, we are no where near Vietnam. We've been listening to the the left tell us what a mess Iraq is since day one. Well if that's what they think of it, then what on earth do they say about these other wars?

I am sick enough to run the numbers, if anybody has any doubt, run the numbers yourself and then tell me if you get something different.

Since March 22, 2003 the United States has lost 1041 American lives in 550 days as of 9-22-04. 247 or 23.72% are considered Non-Hostile according to Iraqi Coalition Casualty Count

WAR-------------------------Total deaths----------Time
Revolutionary War-------------------4,435---------6 years 8 months
War of 1812--------------------------2,260---------2 years 6 months
Mexican War-------------------------13,283--------1 year 8 months
Civil War: Union---------------------359,528-------4 years
-----Confederate-------------------- 198,524------4 years
--------Combined---------------------558,052------4 years
Spanish-American War--------------2,446---------4 months
World War I--------------------------116,708-------1 year 7 months
World War II-------------------------407,316-------3 years 8 months
Korean War--------------------------33,651---------3 years 1 month
Vietnam War-------------------------58,168---------7 years 6 months
Gulf War------------------------------193------------1 month

Click for * source

The amount of time it would take for us to lose equal amount of American lives in Iraq by war.
War-----------------------------Amount of time to equal casualties.

Revolutionary War------------------- 6 years 153 days
War of 1812-------------------------- 3 years 99 days
Mexican War------------------------- 19 years 83 days
Civil War: Union--------------------- 520 years 155 days
-----Confederate-------------------- 287 years 134 days
-------Combined--------------------- 807 years 289 days
Spanish-American War-------------- 3 years 197 days
World War I-------------------------- 168 years 338 days
World War II------------------------- 589 years 218 days
Korean War-------------------------- 48 years 259 days
Vietnam War------------------------- 84 years 72 days
Gulf War------------------------------ 102 days

Method used:
Total number of American Deaths in Iraq (1041)/number of days (550) = 1.8927 average death per day
Total casualties of wars Ex.--Vietnam 58,168 / 1.8927= 30,732 (Total number of days)
Total number of days (30,732)/ number of days in year (365) = 84.199 (84 years)
Total number of years (84) x number of days in a year (365) = Total number of days in years(30660)
Total number of days (30,732) minus total number of days in years (30660) = days left over (72 days)

Since day one, liberals have opposed the war in Iraq. It's time for them to just shut up and back the men and women serving the United States.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004
AV~Picks Week 3 '04

Last Week 8-8
Season Record 15-17

Sunday, Sep. 26

Arizona at Atlanta -
Durty Burdz fly high. Leave Cards bloody red.
AV~Picks Durty Burdz 34 Cards 21 (55)
Final Score Durty Burdz 6 Cards 3 (9)
Week Record 1-0
Season Record 16-17

Baltimore at Cincinnati -
The Ravens pick up where they left off
AV~Picks Ravens 24 Bengals 17 (41)
Final Score Ravens 23 Bengals 9 (32)
Week Record 2-0
Season Record 17-17

Chicago at Minnesota -
Bearsclaw out a victory.
AV~Picks Clawing Bears 25 Vikings 14 (39)
Final Score Vikes 27 Bears 22 (49)
Week Record 2-1
Season Record 17-18

Cleveland at N.Y. Giants -
Army ants march on.
AV~Picks Army Ants 19 Browns 17 (36)
Final Score Army Ants 27 Browns 10 (37)
Week Record 3-1
Season Record 18-18

Houston at Kansas City -
More battle of the defeateds, Chiefs scalp Texans.
AV~Picks Chiefs 38 Texans 28 (66)
Final Score Texans 24 Chiefs 21 (45)
Week Record 3-2
Season Record 18-19

Jacksonville at Tennessee -
Titans used to be oilers but the Jags D are a well oiled machine.
AV~Picks Jags 23 Titans 10 (33)
Final Score Jags 15 Titans 12 (27)
Week Record 4-2
Season Record 19-19

New Orleans at St. Louis -
Saints got (Joe) Horn but get rammed.
AV~Picks Rams 28 Saints 17 (45)
Final Score Saints 28 Rams 25 (53)
Week Record 4-3
Season Record 19-20

Philadelphia at Detroit -
Eagles fly high, avoid big cat bite.
AV~Picks Eagles 28 Lions 20 (48)
Final Score Eagles 30 Lions 13 (43)
Week Record 5-3
Season Record 20-20

Pittsburgh at Miami -
Fins got no swim, no rythum. Fins get sunk by a ton of steel.
AV~Picks Ton of Steel 27 Fins 13 (40)
Final Score Steelers 13 Fins 3 (16)
Week Record 6-3
Season Record 21-20

San Diego at Denver -
Buckin broncs bolt San Diego. It's an electrifying night in Denver.
AV~Picks Buckin Broncs 38 Bolted 16 (54)
Final Score Bucking Broncos 23 Bolted 13 (36)
Week Record 7-3
Season Record 22-20

Green Bay at Indianapolis -
Indy 500 gets packed by GB-D
AV~Picks Packers 28 Colts 24 (52)
Final Score Colts 45 Packers 31 (76)
Week Record 7-4
Season Record 22-21

San Francisco at Seattle -
Seattle has stuck gold, it's blue and size D
AV~Picks Hawks 23 Niners 9 (32)
Final Score Hawks 34 Niners 0 (34)
Week Record 8-4
Season Record 23-21

Tampa Bay at Oakland
SB rematch, loser wins draft position. Buccs lose big prize
AV~Picks Buccs 19 Raiduhs 14 (33)
Final Score Raiduhs 30 Buccs 20 (50)
Week Record 8-5
Season Record 23-22

Monday, Sep. 20 Dallas at Washington-
Game 1 of cowboys and injuns, jes like the olden dayz.
AV~Picks Boize 30 Skins 24 OT (54)
Final Score Boize 21 Skins 18 (39)
Week Record 9-5
Season Record 24-22

Open date: Buffalo, Carolina, New England, N.Y. Jets

Sick of Rather.

After visiting several blogs over the weekend, I've had it with the Dan Rather story. I made some jokes about it, but for the most part, I stayed away from it. There was other things going on besides Dan Rather.

However, if there was any question of liberal bias in the media, it was laid to rest as average liberals, knowing one of their own was about to fall, came to the defense of Rather. To them it was irrelevant whether or not the documents were real, what matter is that Bush was being accused of something.

And how pathetic is it that liberals who think they have a war hero on their side, have to belittle the service of a National Gaurdsmen because their guy can't stand on his record. We the people would rather have George Bush leading our men and women in uniform than John Kerry and the liberals know this.

And speekun of John Kerry and his service in Vietnam, I want to remind each of you liberals of another American who fought in a war, only to turn and aid the enemy. His name was Benedict Arnold, although, I wouldn't question his patriotism if I were you. That's what makes Bush's National Gaurd service so much better than Kerry's.

And if Kerry didn't have enough troubles along comes Football Fans for Truth a 527 that is taking a stand against John Kerry's athleticism. As was so eloquently stated by these two gentlemen...

Dino Panagopoulos, Chairman: "John Kerry is a menace to sports fans everywhere. Can we take four years of this? I don't think so."
Jeff Larroca, Director: "He is not fit to be our sports-fan-in-chief."

Click on their website and find out where "LAMBERT FIELD" is.

And Kerry's troubles continue with the outspoken Buffet King releasing more comments. It's bad enough that Mikael Moore led the liberal media in falsifying information for pure propaganda purposes. Not only did Propaganda 9-11 help push people into Bush's corner, but also led other liberals to believe that they too can get away with forging documents in order to have a story. Who can blame Damned Rather? Mikael Moore did it, why couldn't he?

So after helping Bush beat up Kerry, Mikael Moore came out with more comments on his website that express the desperation on behalf of the Kerry campaign. Some of the highlights from his "message"

¤Geez, this is embarrassing! The Republicans are laughing at us.- Yes, we are.

¤They are relentless and that is why we secretly admire them -- they just simply never, ever give up. Only 30% of the country calls itself "Republican," yet the Republicans own it all - Don't hate us cause we're beautiful. And yes, we do own it all, which makes liberals in America insignificant.

¤It's because they eat you and me and every other liberal for breakfast and then spend the rest of the day wreaking havoc on the planet. - Yes, it's true. I had a tasty liberal cooked medium rare for breakfast, but the fun didn't begin til I bought 15 gallons of oil and poured it out on a tree. That made my day.

¤ Suddenly it's like, "THE END IS NEAR! THE SKY IS FALLING!" - Buddy, the sky hasn't even begun to fall yet. Just wait until the debates.

¤ Dammit, of COURSE he's a lousy candidate -- he's a Democrat, for heavens sake! - Liberal, you meant liberal and I couldn't agree more, liberal candidates just suck.

¤ My friends, it is time for a reality check. - It's about time, next time, do a reality check before you release a propaganda film.

¤ The polls are wrong. They are all over the map like diarrhea - Have you noticed the polls never favor Kerry by much?

¤One, they are polling "likely voters." - Right, we should be polling Cubans, French, and Bulgarians. They aren't likely to vote, but......

¤Kerry has brought in the Clinton A-team - As if Kerry needed another kiss of death.

¤Traveling around the country, as I've been doing, I gotta tell ya, there is a hell of a lot of unrest out there. - Yes, after 7 months of Kerry, who isn't anxious to go vote for Bush?

¤Conventional wisdom says if the election is decided on "9/11" (the fear of terrorism), Bush wins. - Which reminds me, isn't your propaganda film due out right before the election? As if Kerry needs any more problems...

¤that "job," you might have noticed, has descended into the third level of a hell we used to call Vietnam. - Um Mikael, where have you been? We've just recently lost our 1,000th person in Iraq. How long ago was it that we went in? Wasn't it over a year and a half ago? Was there any year during Vietnam that we lost less than a thousand soldiers? What kind of pot are you smoking buddy? We are no where near 58,000 and at the current rate it's going to take us 87 years before we lose as many lives as we lost in Vietnam. Seriously, put the crack pipe (and crab cakes) down.

¤The Bush people need you to believe that it is over. They need you to slump back into your easy chair and feel that sick pain in your gut as you contemplate another four years - I don't know about other Bush people, but that ain't me. I want you liberals to put every ounce of energy into this election. I want you to drain every blood, sweat, and tear for the duration of this campaign. I want you to put your heart and soul into it. That way, when George W. Bush is re-elected, not only will it sting, it'll crush you. I want to see you libs devastated on November 3rd.

¤WAKE UP! The majority are with us! - Mikael, you forgot to say "of Al Qaeda is..." right after 'majority'

¤how you wish Kerry was still that long-haired kid who once had the courage to stand up for something. - Wouldn't you just rather have Benedict Arnold?

Monday, September 20, 2004
The Rather Bill

Arguments for.....

Though I am for free speech I do think that it is important us to have sensible speech legislation. We can not continue to allow organizations such as Swift Boat Veterans and to have unchecked free speech. We put our children at risk everyday by allowing assault speech on the streets.

When they come home, they are subjected to hate speech from cruel newscasters, hence the title of the bill

This is not about infringing on your free speech, it's about sensible free speech laws. We would follow similiar laws on the books which will guide who should not be allowed to have speech, much less assault speech.

¤In 1998, hurt speech speech was used to hurt Monica's feelings, as well as the well known damage to the first family. In Iraq, nobody accused the President of sexual immorality. 16 cases of hurt speech and 0 cases of assault speech in Cuba, 13 cases of hurt speech and 2 assault speeches in North Korea. 16 cases of hurt speech and 1 case of assault speech in Canada, while there were 29,685 cases of hurt speech and 9390 cases of assault speech in the United States.

¤Homes that have speech are 22 times more likely to be used in domestic arguments, while hate speech notes often accompany suicide-related thoughts. When someone is home, a hurt words such as 'get out' often don't have the same impact as assault speech words such as "move an inch and I shoot. Only two percent of criminals overcome the psychological impact of assault speech during crimes.

¤A study that compared 26 industrialized countries reported that the unintentional hurt feelings rate for children 0-14 is nine times higher in the U.S. than in the other 25 countries combined.

¤During 1999, 52% of all free speech victims under 18 in the U.S. were hurt by assault speech. In 1998, a total of 3,792 Americans ages 19 or under cried because of hurt speech, assault speech and mean thoughts. For every child devastated by assault speech, four are hurt by hurt speech.

Millions of children are subjected to hurt speech in the classroom, while teacher take a potty break. How can our children even learn in the classroom with hurt speech so rampant?

And if that is not enough, many children are forced to walk home or ride the bus with a distracted driver. This is were unmonitered speech turns into assault speech. Many children come home crying because they were subjected to assault speech. What's worse is that assault speech leads to even more violent behaviour. Our children are becoming addicted to assault speech at an alarming rate and school suspension have risen 33% since 1943. This is mostly due to fighting which sprung up from assault speech.

We cannot allow Dan Rather and other assault speech addicts corrupt the minds of our children. We are seeing forged test on the rise. Children in states that the SBVFT Ads were played are now questioning whether or not their parents graduated high school, and just last week, BobInNY spanked his son because his son called him 'Hitler' after watching a commercial on the internet.

How It Works
McCain Fiengold did not do enough, we must do more for our children, we can do better!" Assault speech ban to include five day "cooling off" period. All speech should be applied for through the FBI. When you feel like saying something, you submit it to the FBI assault speech division where it will be analyzed and a background check will be done to see if you have abused speech and/or prohibited from owning a gun. Of course, if you weren't responsible enough to own a gun, why would you be responsible enough to have speech?

After five days, your speech is either approved or rejected. If rejected, you may submit speech two more times. The three strikes and your out rule is enforced. If your speech is approved then you may take the speech and use it at your free will, however, it will expire 30 days after approval.

This is not about infringing on anybodies right to free speech, but we don't believe that a nine year old should use a bazooka of assault speech in his backyard either. If parents can not raise their children properly, then the government needs to do something.

All speech will have the same restrictions as gun laws. Source of information

Sunday, September 19, 2004
I going to be open minded

I am going to try something that's very difficult for me to do. Understand that as a conservative it's very hard for me to reach out, I was born bigoted. Despite my silver spoon, Neanderthal, trailer park, hateful Republican upbringing, I'm going to try to be open-minded. I want to understand sexual perverseness freedom.

Let's start with necrophilia, after all, it seems to be a popular California liberal tradition. What is it about necrophilia that one would try it? Is it the eerily cold flesh? Is it the blurry eyes? Is it the Wrigley maggots?

What about rapist? Being a bigot, I don't understand rapist either. I know, I know, how do I know I'm not a rapist until I try it, but I'll continue to be bigoted in my Neanderthal way. I just don't understand it. Tell me, why should I accept that sexual freedom?

What is it about child molestation? Is it the hairless skin? Is it the S&M with out the leather whips that makes this activity so attractive?

I couldn't possibly get into the whole farm thing; I'm not even going to get into the discussion of that. It's true, I'm the biggest beastialiphobe you've ever seen. I've got to draw the line somewhere, and hopefully when we get there, my fellow citizens will join me in standing up against that.

I know it's not the same ballpark but at what point do you think people should stand up for some type of standard? The American public is not Neanderthals, we're not stupid trailer park hicks, we're not elite moralists who wants the government to rule with an iron fist on the bible. We are just common people who are sick of being offended by you leftist on a daily basis.

What you liberals don't understand is that the majority of Americans don't care whether you are gay or not. It's not important to us, it's not important to me. In fact, I'll be so bold to say that it's none of my business if you lead a homosexual lifestyle. I don't care.

Yet, it isn't the public that keeps your lifestyle in our lives, it's you. Nobody cares to peep into your bedroom; it's not our business, quit making it our business.

The public is preached homosexuality in what seems like every movie, television show, album, and news channel. We see pride parades, gay day, and we are told that homosexuals should be accepted in the military. The homosexual community suffers an AIDS epidemic and instead of blaming the activity of unsafe promiscuous sex, we're told it's Ronald Reagan's fault because he didn't mention AIDS to the public for sometime. And today, one of our most sacred values, the institution of marriage is now under fire. It's inescapable. Yet many of us don't complain because we tolerate it. Yes, they make fun of you, they laugh behind your back, but they tolerate you. But let's see how tolerant you are

Why don't we do this, start demanding that Hollywood preach tolerance towards Christianity? We could change their scripts slightly, instead of showing homosexuals being discriminated against by some bigot, show a Christian in his place. The tolerance line could change slightly from "So what? What's wrong with two men in love?" into "So What? What's wrong with a man loving Jesus?"

Instead of Republicans being the butt of jokes, use Democrats once in a while. Let the conservatives dominate Hollywood for awhile. Don't worry, we'd only use it to forward our agenda as much as liberals currently do.

Why don't we organize a straight parade? We could march down the streets, half-naked, celebrating our bodies in all its heterosexual glory. What's wrong with hetero-pride? We could chant "I'm straight, I know it. I'm not afraid to show it!"

Why don't we take over a block in the middle of San Francisco, wave the confederate flag from every building, and let the world know that some people are proud of their southern heritage? No? Why not? Go down to bourbon street, there are a ton of pride flags, and it's tolerated. Couldn't you tolerate hundreds of confederate flags on Haight & Asbury? Do you have a problem tolerating that?

Yet, you expect the majority of Americans to sit back and take the constant barrage of homosexuality. Yes, it offends them, but they understand that this is a free country and allow it to go on. They say nothing about it.

We watched and let it go further and further, but when the laws become irrelevant by one Mayor in San Francisco, then the people begin to wake up. People understand that our laws are instituted for a reason and that reason is to keep order in society. Even I, an anti-government freeper, understand that. Would you have it that a judge in Nebraska throw out every case before him that the perp had beaten up a homosexual, just because he disapproves of homosexuality? You won't respect the laws, yet expect the laws to be respected by others?

And when does the agenda end? Does it end with homosexuals being allowed to marry? Does it include throwing people in jail for hate crimes because they quoted the bible? Should it even end with homosexuality? Should it include a 35 year old's Right to marry a 14 year old? If so, then shouldn't Mary Kay Letourneau be given forgiven? After all, what's wrong with love?

If love is a crime, she's guilty!

Would NAMBLA be excused then? Isn't NAMBLA a variant of homosexuality? Exactly when does the assault on our values stop? For a growing number of people, it stops now.

Listen to Jeff read this post

Saturday, September 18, 2004
Constitutional Marriage Amendment passes- for now

Despite voter irregularities in New Orleans (see previous post), the One Man One Woman marriage amendment passed in Louisiana. However, New Orleans would not have made much of a difference on this issue. The amendment passed with 79% of the state vote for passage.

No word yet whether Louisiana has been dubbed the 'Hate State' or if there will be a boycott by the gay community on Louisiana. Hopefully any boycott will include not giving campaign donations to Democrat candidates.

Cleo may have won his PSC campaign but he obviously doesn't have the pull with African American votes that he used to have. Fields, known from driving African Americans down to the polls while handing out his 'Vote the Fields Ticket' that contains the names of other Democrats was unable to get the African American community to vote for Winfield. Byron Sharper, who ran against Fields during the last election, won handily.

It is not yet known whether Cleo supported the Marriage Amendment and his supporters voted for it, or if he opposed it and just could not deliver the votes on this issue either. I'm betting that Cleo Fields is just no longer an influential player.

Louisiana has voting problems

Oops they did it again, they've taken our votes, and screwed it up again. In the city known for its sexual freedom, Mardi Gras, and Superbowls, New Orleans has put itself on the map again. This time, many voters were not allowed to vote during the morning. The did have the opportunity to come back in the evening and vote.

The problem, according to is that Elections machines were not in place at 52 voting places in New Orleans when polls opened Saturday for a vote on a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage and numerous important local races. It looks like Kip Holden is going to be first and Bobby Simpson is in second. The runoff will be in six weeks.

Anyway, I voted. I had a running joke today,
"I'm going to go vote later as a homeless person."
Yeah, it was a bad joke.


I was out having fun this weekend bloghopping. Yeah, I know, whoopee, but it beats getting a DUI ticket. Anyway, I came across this post from some blogger. As soon as I find it I will post it.

I obviously took this as a sign that he would approve of us conservatives posting sharing this information with other conservatives. You see, it's free speech to know personal information and go to their house and stage a protest. Although I could not participate in a protest, I do wonder if these folks would like to be greeted by a welcome home party.

In all honesty, I do not advocate going to their homes and causing a stir, I'll leave that work to the brownshirts.

Peaceful protest at the residence of John O'Neill, co-author of Unfit for Truth. O'Neill's charges against John Kerry's Viet Nam service are proven lies, discredited by the men who served with Kerry.

Saturday, September 18,2004 10:00 am - Noon 2208 Devonshire, Houston, Texas (corner or Kingston and Devonshire - off Westheimer, between Sheppard and Kirby)

Veterans and military families respond to the attacks on the military record of John Kerry and ALL U.S. veterans. SUPPORT Veterans� rights. STOP the slashing of Veterans� benefits and services. Respect the honor of our military veterans.

Mark Muhich
Gulf Coast Truth to Power

Doug Peterson
Bay Area New Democrats

Friday, September 17, 2004
Go ahead vote your conviction/I-C-B-S

Mark White from Liberty Just in Case pointed out that the latest Gallup Poll. While some polls show Bush with a 10-15 point lead, there are still a plethora of polls for Republicans to be concerned about. Those polls show that this election is still close.

But while I want to keep my fellow Republicans level headed during this wave of good news, I also want to take a moment to point out that there are no credible polls to show John Kerry in the lead. In otherwords, there is absolutely no reason for Democrats to believe that their candidate is going to win.

Go ahead, vote for him
Kerry's going to lose anyway.

The good news for liberals is that they know they are going to lose. Liberals can now cast their vote for a real candidate that espouse their beliefs. Liberals everywhere can vote for Nadar, Socialism, Communism, Fidelism, and LGBT rights. You can even vote for Peltier and help end "environmental racism. Isn't that a great cause worth voting for? Isn't it better than wasting your vote on a guy who intentionally threw the election? Hey, at least your donations made him rich richer!

Your vote for a liberal candidate WILL NOT cost the self admitted war criminal the election. You don't have to throw your values away on a candidate who will. If you are anti-war, you can now vote for the candidate of your choice instead of voting pro-war. You don't have to vote for new wars on compassionate dictators, you can now stand by your principles.

You don't have to vote for out-sourcing - Hienz Ketchup has outsourced a plethora of jobs.

You don't have to vote for capitalism - Hienz has made millions of dollars off the backs of the poor and a vote for Kerry supports that. Why stand for something you don't believe in?

You don't have to support gun ownership - John Kerry has been seen toting guns around at various times in his campaign. Being seen shooting a gun only serves to encourage little children to shoot people. You don't have to support that.

You don't have to support evil doctors - During John Kerry's term, he never pushed forward any legislation that would really socialize healthcare. You don't have to vote for a capitalist healthcare system.

You don't have to vote for Kerry - It's become self evident that the election is over. It is clear that Bush has won. Vote your convictions on November 2.

Shouldn't CBS be renamed ICBS -Internet Caught Bull S***?

Any questions?

ar-NO-ld for President?

It's okay to hurt three year olds who voted for Bush the last time.


Ever wonder why some of us would oppose Rnold becoming president? Because we open the door for the Daniel Ortega wannabe henchmen to run for the presidency. Though Roger Calero can't be the President of the United States, he still managed to get on the ballot. Roger Calero, born in Nicaragua, is the nominee for the Socialist Workers Party and according to - the SWP has evolved into a hardline communist party advocating the brand of authoritarian politics espoused by Cuban President Fidel Castro's style of Marxism.

Also the duo states that they are "standing up to the brutal effects of the deepening global crisis of the capitalist system." Having said that, then I am certain they approve of our embargo over socialist Cuba, after all, Socialist would never need the money of evil capitalist. That evil capitalist country called America should never give money to superior and compassionate socialist countries.

But Democrats have other choices between John Kerry and an ineligible Calero. There are other candidates that also espouse a more dictatorial control over society, even more so than Kerry. Socialist Equality Party is putting up Bill Van Auken or you could vote for LGBT liberation AND Socialism by casting your vote for John Parker. Left wingers can still vote for Nader. You don't have to waste your vote on John Kerry.

And speekun of Kerry, how ridiculous have liberals become? How many times have we heard that stupid line about the economy being the worst it has been since Herbert Hoover? Had Herbert Hoover been Democrat, they'd complain this was the worst economy ever. Quite frankly, I don't know what they are talking about when I hear how bad the economy is... look at the help wanted section in your local newspaper. Chances are that there is a ton of businesses looking for employees but not a whole lot of ads from people looking for work. The jobs are there, businesses are hiring, it's not the worse economy since Herbert Hoover was president. Remember Jimmy Carter? Carter had the worst economy since Herbert Hoover.

Liberals are convinced that saying it over and over will wipe away the memory of Jimmy Carter and that people will believe it. What Democrats don't recognize is that people are smart enough to realize that the choices made in their life affected whether or not they are better off today than they were four years ago. Yes, some people are worse off, but the majority of people are doing better today than they were then. People are doing better it has little to do with Clinton, Bush, or Kerry. People are doing better because they worked towards and earned a better life. Some let go of their health insurance for a better job. Yeah, they lost that healthcare coverage, and gained a new coverage in their new employment.

Most people are happy with their situation as it is today. Yet, listening to the Democrats, you'd think that elderly people are eating dog food. As in the eighties, the Democrats will use this argument to portray America as a country filled with greed and evil Republicanism, yet, Democrats won't explain why elderly people will buy the more expensive dog food, than cheaper human food. Expect this around November, especially as we near the holidays.

If the Democrats were right about the war in Iraq, we fought the war for oil. Yet, gas prices continued to rise. I guess we blew it all up when we went there.

We aren't supposed to question Kerry's service, on the other hand, we keep hearing about G.W's service in the National Guard. The hypocrisy is undeniable and the average Joe understands what is going on. Only the politically blind believe that there is something there.

And so what if GW didn't take his physical, what does that mean? I am quite certain that there were many people during the Vietnam era who were anxious to take the Physical exam and hoping to fail it. Had GW really wanted out of the service he could have FAILED the exam. Not taking the exam only meant that he was eligible to continue his service in the Guard, not escape it.

While liberals continue to demand that Bush answer charges based completely around forged documents, the majority of people realize the insanity of the situation. What if I forged documents proving that you cheated on your spouses. Do you really believe that your spouse will just shrug off the forgery and demand that you answer the charges levied against you? Does anybody really believe that? Yet, that is what we are getting from liberals, a demand that Bush answer charges that are proven false before they even got started.

It's not that Bush is a great president, it's that the left has gone off the deep end. In their political blindness, they anxiously jump off any cliff, in order to prove how much they hate Bush. Fact is, their lunacy has made George W. Bush out to be a far greater president than he actually is. Compare Bush too Reagan, Bush is inferior. But watching liberals act, you'd think George W. is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

This election isn't a resounding approval of a job well done by the president. It's a clear rejection of the lunacy that the left has become. The Democrat party has completely become comprised of wackos. Yes, it is the average Democrat voter that has lost his mind.

I want to put this out there before the news gets any better, or worse. I firmly believe that states such as Washington, Oregon, California, New York, Michigan, Iowa, Ohio, Minnesota, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Vermont, and Florida will be in the Bush column. People won't vote for lunatics.


Wednesday, September 15, 2004
What if they just didn't sell the product to us?

I've thought about lawsuits lately. I've thought of the impact that they are having on our nation. I thought about the lawsuits against the tobacco industry, and the lawsuits against the gun industry. I've thought of the active roll that city and state governments have played in the massive lawsuits. I've thought of the massive people who sue McDonalds because they are massive.

But let's take a different approach. What if McDonalds started to decide who is capable of eating their foods? What would the reaction be then? Would juries then be sensitive to the compassionate side of McDonalds? Would juries then say McDonalds has the right to refuse service to people based on their obesity? But haven't we decided that large corporations can be held responsible even when we are at fault for the malfunction of their product?

In Denham Springs, a city just outside of Baton Rouge, a woman sues Nintendo for death of her son. It didn't matter to the woman that her son spent more time in front of the Nintendo than most of us spend at work. It didn't matter to the oman that her son already had siezures while playing the Nintendo. It did not matter to the woman that she failed to raise her son properly. But what may have mattered is that Nintendo had already put into the user manual a warning that if siezures occur while playing the system, to stop use of system immediately and consult a doctor.

We have seen the idiot warnings. You know, the warnings that only an idiot needs. Like a warning that says not to use a toaster in the bathtub. Or the one that says plastic wrapper is not a part of the toy. Even after idot warnings exist, large companies are sued.

So I think companies ought to take a different approach.

What if the companies refused to sell to certain people. Such as the tobacco industry. What if after the lawsuits, they had taken out a large ad simply stating that because of the lawsuits, Phillip-Morris will no longer sell tobacco products in listed states. What would the reactions of both liberal and conservative smokers then be?

What if the evil gun manufacturers spent and equal amount of money lost due to lawsuits taking out television and radio ads explaining that because listed states believed that guns were responsible for *** deaths in said state, that the gun manufactureres will no longer sell in said states including selling to police, national gaurd, security gaurds? What would the reaction of the public then be?

What if the gun shops required their buyers to become lifetime members of both the NRA and RKBA organizations? Or to have the ten amendments of the constitution memorized? Would the gun owners who insist on more gun legislation approve? What if the gun shops required people to take an oath to loyally support the second amendment before they were allowed to purchase the gun? What if Democrats just made a law that members of the Democrat party can't own a gun? I'd support that measure.

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Blogging has really taken off - noted columnist Michelle Malkin and David Limbaugh have blogs.

If that wasn't enough justification, bloggers continue to lead the fight against Rather hates Bush gate. It seems as if the hate group er lunatics called er 527 organization called Texans forged truth may have a connection in all of this. As more and more people play pajama detective, the more eyes there are on irregularities in the newsroom, and elsewhere. The people naturally find free speech.

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