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Sunday, December 17, 2006
Interview With a Blogger - Texas Fred

If you are a blogger that would like to be interviewed, please email me at avman82000 @ yahoo. com (remove spaces) or IM Avman82000.

Jeffery Blanco: Today I am with Texas Fred. Fred, Let's talk about your blog first, why do you blog?
Texas Fred: I started blogging as a hobby, but I am really political in my thinking and it kinda got out of hand, I got popular and I was really kind of surprised.

'For me, it's personal. I have had very close family members serve in Iraq this time around and it's a war I just don't think we needed to fight.'

JB: What political issue drives you the most?
TF: 1st, the war in Iraq, and after that, the insecurity of our borders and coastlines, then the costs in our tax dollars, the money we pay out to support and care for what I call 'Illegal Invaders'.

JB: Why is the war in Iraq so important?
TF: For me, it's personal. I have had very close family members serve in Iraq this time around and it's a war I just don't think we needed to fight. I feel our time and efforts would have been better spent taking the war to al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.

JB: How would you classify your personal feelings towards Iraq?
TF: Personally, I don't care if the Iraqis have their freedom. I don't think they'll 'stand' on their own and remain free. I feel we are wasting our time in Iraq on this mission to install a working democracy, Islamic theocracy and American style democracy won't work together, in my opinion.

JB: What role do blogs have?
TF: I feel it's an 'outlet' for folks to speak freely, and I think some blogs get a lot more 'notice' than others, and I know that there are 'blog bots' from the U.S. government that do check sites and look to see who's blogging about what. My 'Site Meter' tells me I get those kind of 'hits' on a regular basis, maybe someone in D.C. is paying attention.

'In 2 words, Michelle Malkin... If I can't totally, 100% believe in what I write,I will not write it...'

JB: I see them too. What do you think the government is getting out of looking at blogs?
TF: A look into the 'leading' opinions of bloggers, and a decent cross section of Americana without having some polling service 'skew' the results.

JB: Other than your blog, are there any other bloggers that stand out to you?
TF: I read a lot of blogs, but some of the so-called 'main stream' blogs seem to have gone to the 'shock jock' theory of blogging, it doesn't matter what they say as long as it shocks someone enough to 'hit' the blog counter, recently I have been reading Tom DeLay's blog, and I have a link in his blog roll. I really like his blog, and I like Neal Boortz too.

JB: Expand on the 'Shock Jock' of blogging. What is that exactly?
TF: In 2 words, Michelle Malkin. Makes no difference what is said, as long as it keeps her numbers up. If I can't totally, 100% believe in what I write, I will not write it, and I hate to read what I believe to be 'commercial shills'.

JB: I guess that's a great lead into my next question. One thing I noticed is that you're not afraid to offend. Why is that?
TF: If people are offended by the truth, that is their problem, because I am going to speak the truth, at least as I see it. My blogs has a 'Mission Statement', "To provide my readers with News, Editorials and Hard Hitting Commentary that lays it all on the Line and speaks the TRUTH as I see it, no matter where that truth comes from."
'hell yes, people are too consumed with feel good political correctness, I call a spade a spade, and if that offends someone, that's too bad... And we have many 'BS' artists in blogging, many that are in it strictly for the glory,'

JB: Is there a growing problem with truth telling?
TF: In my opinion, hell yes, people are too consumed with feel good political correctness, I call a spade a spade, and if that offends someone, that's too bad... The truth never needs a second thought, because it is the truth, lies have to be remembered and backed up with more lies and eventually come back to destroy the liar... And we have many 'BS' artists in blogging, many that are in it strictly for the glory, and I am not like that, my opinions have actually caused some folks to stop speaking to me, but they still read my blog, site meter says so.

JB: I found that as well. What kind of comments have people made to you because of your blog?
TF:: I have been called names I won't repeat... But the name callers STILL read Texas Fred's.

JB:Texas Fred has been nominated as best new blog of 2006. How did you do?
TF: I came in at number 8 but there have been some serious voting irregularities too, I just made a post to address that as a matter of fact, and I am not going to accept a nomination again next year.

JB: Was it Diebold or Sequoia?
TF: No idea, the tally was done by the Weblog Awards staff I presume.

JB: Voting has now officially ended, but if we could rewind the clock, why should I vote for Texas Fred's?
TF: Really, other than the fact that I think I have a decent blog that tells the truth, I have no idea.

JB: Let's talk about internet radio a little bit. You used to have a show at Wide Awakes Radio, but for personal reasons, you left. Are there any future plans for radio?
TF: I am not free to discuss any future plans at this time but I always have 'irons in the fire'.

JB: So it's safe to say, Texas Fred ain't going anywhere?
TF: Only if I die.

'there have been some serious voting irregularities too, ...and I am not going to accept a nomination again next year.'
JB: We hope that doesn't happen any time soon. Is there anything you'd like me to ask you about?
TF: Not at this time, but when I do get back on the air, uh, wait, if I get back on the air, I'll have you as a guest on a quality station with true FM/CD quality and we'll do your interview for all the world to hear.

JB: Look forward to it... I just have a few final questions regarding sports.
TF: How about those Saints?

JB: Ohio or Florida?
TF: Florida I hope

JB: USC-Michigan?
TF: Don't care... I don't like either one, if I had to pick, USC.

JB: LSU-Notre Dame?
TF: Geauxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Tigers!

JB: And finally, call the superbowl, who's going?
TF: San Diego and someone, but that 'someone' is still up in the air..

JB: No Saints?
TF: I hope, but ya see, if someone asked me "Fred, when are you gonna do so and so?" I always answer with, "When the Saints win the Super Bowl.." Been using that for YEARS, I hate to lose it.

JB: *Laughing* Fred, thanks so much for your time.
TF: It's been my pleasure

IWAB - GM Roper of GM's Corner

Posted at 03:09 pm by Avman


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