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Sunday, December 03, 2006
Stranger than Fiction?

There were reports of Voting Machines failing in Venezuela today. Company that made those machines? Smartmatic. Anybody surprised about this?

Venezuela had a high turnout. Hugo Chavez won. Surprised? Would it surprise you that there were some things about the election that just wasn't right? live blogged the events as it happened.

Folks, it's imparative that we start paying more attention to this dictator to the south. His victory just raised the stakes in the 2008 election. We will have an enemy of this nation for the next 6 years and quite possibly, this is Venezuela's final election.

Our next President better be a strong leader, whether it be a Republican or a Democrat, or we are going to be in a major downfall. May God help us.

Let's get back to American politics. Well, technically, I didn't leave American politics, since Elgordo is in the Americas, but that is besides the point. Let's get back to the United States. I really want to talk about Fausta's recent post, in which, she started talking about how some people consider tattoos sexy. I don't.

I don't consider it sexy when a woman has a tattoo. I don't consider thongs sexy, and I certainly don't consider a girl sexy when she's had more men in her bed than a military base. I hope that I don't get too far off my train of thought, but there was a related story about hookers being killed in Atlantic city that caught my attention. In the story, there is a 23 year old "sex worker" who looks "twice her age".

Folks, what in the world is so sexy about a girl who looks twice her age? Maybe she knows how to satisfy a man, and a bonus, she'll throw in your choice of seven different venereal disease, at no extra cost! Maybe I live in a fantasy world, I don't know. There's just some things that I know that guys find attractive. I want a woman that's a challenge to get. I want a woman who is at my level or better than me.

And I knew I was going to do this, get off topic, a little. I was thinking about hunters and sex. Maybe it's some subconscience desire of mine to go hunt me a little Bambi, the seven year itch, if you will. But there is one thing universal about men, and that one thing is the desire to conquer. It's a desire that all men need fulfilled. Hunters fulfill that desire by going out and hunting. What I'm saying, and I don't have facts to back this up, but I'll bet, hunters are less likely to commit adultry than non hunters.

Which brings me back to the hookers, loose women, et al. Men have a need to conquer. Men need a challenge. When they get a woman who isn't a challenge, they begin to look elsewhere. Hence, why no guy wants loose women.

Which brings me back ontrack. Our society is oversexed, but it goes back to our most innate needs, and sex is the way many people are finding a way to fulfill those needs. It's a self esteem issue. People who are obsessed with sex, do so, because they have not found their purpose in life. Men have a need to conquer and until they find a purpose to their life, will attempt to conquer women. Women have a innate desire to be beautiful, and often, women will confuse sex with being beautiful.

The scary part is that the oversexing of our society is spilling over into publicity stunts. We have stars intentionally exposing theirselves in order to help re-invigorate their careers. Wasn't it enough that stars would check theirselves into rehab in order to get people talking about them again? This pass week, we had Louisiana's own Britney Spears expose herself three times in one week, and one of those days she actually bought panties.

God forbid if this becomes the norm for politicians to do this in order to get media attention. Could you imagine Nancy Pelosi showing the world that she doesn't smuggle classified document like Sandy Berger does? Or Hillary Clinton showing us that she would bring piece to the Middle East? Worse yet, can you hear Helen Thomas's apology? "I was so stressed out about the possibility of Dick Cheney running for President, that I forgot to put panties on."

I enjoy sex as much as the next guy does, but at least I don't have to act like I discovered it yesterday. Sex is supposed to be an enjoyable part of life, not the purpose of it.

The good news and bad news for Gov. Blanco

First, the good news. The good news for Governor Kathleen Blanco is that she probably won't be the worst candidate for Governor of Louisiana. With the field getting crowded with candidates more suitable to take the oath of office more so than her, it could only serve as good news that attorney Hardy Parkerson from Lake Charles wants to get into the race. Pipe dream, I know, but I've lived in this state to know that something happens to people here on election day. They seem to get the choice between the two worst candidates. Mitch Landrieu and Mayor Ray Nagin are examples as is, William Jefferson and Karen Carter. At leat if Karen Carter wins, she'll probably escape being investigated, but only because the powers that be will ignore it as long as possible.

But the bad news. LSU was apparently headed to the Rose Bowl, so in her save the day fever, Governor Kathleen Blanco decided that she would make some calls, you know, pull some strings. LSU is now going to the Sugarbowl.

I'm not saying that her calls caused LSU to miss the Rose Bowl, but she obviously didn't help them. You know, after witnessing how she helped the hurricane victims, and how she helped LSU go to the Rosebowl, and how she helped John Kerry win Louisiana voters, I think I'd rather have my arms and legs ripped out than receive help from her. Even her "Road Home" program hasn't been very effective, and she needs it to be. Where else is she going to get voters from?

I share the same last name as the governor and at the rate she's going, I'm either going to have to change my last name, or get a concealed weapons permit. She seems to get worse, leaving Louisianans shaking their head, anxious for election day, so that we can get somebody new. The one thing positive that can be said about Governor Kathleen Blanco, is that she's consistent. Everybody understands that whatever her solution ends up being, we know it ain't gonna work and it's going to be very costly to the state.

Posted at 08:54 pm by Avman

Hardy Parkerson
February 6, 2007   07:09 PM PST
Thanks, Jeff, for mentioning me! The race is on. I'll be out campaigning this weekend, if not before. I plan to be in New Iberia this weekend at the Optimist Club of Louisiana District Meeting. I am president of the South Lake Charles Optimist Club. I am an Optimist in more ways than one. Again, thanks for mentioning that I am in the race for Governor of Louisiana! I am the Ronald Reagan/Newt Gingrich Democratic Conservative Candidate for Governor of Louisiana. Keep up the good work!


Hardy Parkerson, Atty.
Ronald Reagan/Newt Gingrich Conservative Democratic Candidate for Governor of LA - 2007

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