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Wednesday, October 25, 2006
Life, or Something Like That.

I haven't really had much to say over the past couple of months, and quite frankly politics hasn't even been on my mind much. Money, success, women, what makes a man a man, what it's all about, and why do I try? These are the things that have crossed my mind lately. Politics? Not so much, but I do find it interesting that no matter what I do, how little attention I pay to the national scene, I still seem to be a guy that naturally ends up in political discussions.

Tonight, I really want to just share some thoughts. Some are recent conclusions, most have been with me for a while, and all have been in my head over the last couple of months. So here I go.

Boys worry about their happiness, men do what they must.

I believe that statement sums up exactly what I mean but just in case there's a liberal Democrat out there who just doesn't get it, please allow me to elaborate. Boys think of terms of theirself first. How can I get something free, who can I get to do my work for me. 'So what if she gets pregnant, she can get an abortion'. Boys want to be happy today, everyday, and want to do so without consequences.

Men don't worry about their happiness. Men go out and do the things they must so that the others around them are happy. They raise their children and know that punishment is a tool to teach. They tell you things you need to hear, not what you want to hear. They sacrifice today knowing there will be plenty of happiness in the end.

There's a clear absence of men in the United States. It seems to me that we often glorify the insignificant. We celebrate the lives of people who, in the end, did nothing to make the world a better place. We've made Jerry Springer and the trash of society that he calls guest a staple in American television. We have sissymen singing, crackskull thugs playing football, and basketball players who won't fight another big basketball player, yet would run up into the stands to fight the wimpiest looking guy out there.

Where is the celebration of the Marine who, along with his fellow soldiers, will stand for his nation while bullets fly over his head? It seems to me that the only Marine a liberal will support is a dead Marine.

The Coming Election?

While I am talking about men, I guess the question of the upcoming elections is where I part ways with my fellow conservatives. I know very few of us on the conservative side of the aisle actually think we have a shot at keeping control of the house. I am among those that believe we will win in November, and I think it's a good thing that we see it that way. In a midterm election where voter turnout is lower, the GOTV (get out the vote) is ever more important. This helps Republicans, not Democrats. People that pay attention to politics, understand that Democrats are definitely not the way to reduce government.

Not that the Republicans have been a party of less government since their arrival in 1994, but Republicans have been more permissive of human freedoms than the Democrats have been. It's my bet that the people that are motivated to vote will vote majority Republican.

And While We Are On That Subject:

It must really suck to be a Democrat. There's a certain pride in Conservativism, even when our party leaders stray from conservative values. We conservatives understand our beliefs, we understand less government, less taxes.

But a typical Democrat, on the other hand, only understands that they are a Democrat and that they hate George Bush. How can one take pride in knowing that? Why I think it really must suck is because they have to keep changing their moral value system in order to keep up with their political beliefs. Conservatives have their moral values as the core tenet of their beliefs, which in turn stabilizes their political beliefs. Conservatives are in a class by theirselves, an upper class that isn't based on money.

Fear, Face It.

Fear is what separates the men from the boys. It's fear that keeps people from succeeding in life. Fear stops people from doing things they must do. Courage isn't the absence of fear, it's doing in spite of fear. Nothing good happens to those who let fear stop them.

Life is Fair

Don't worry about getting even with people. I learned that revenge is a sign of weakness. Those that seek to get even with people are scared of people, of pain, of suffering, which in turn shows that person is also afraid of taking chances, of sacrifice for the betterment of their life. More importantly, it says the person is afraid of trusting others. A person who can't trust others cannot be trusted. How one sees others is exactly how others should see that person.

Don't be so anxious to see revenge on those that do wrong. Life is fair and people who don't take personal responsibility will eventually suffer the consequences. Always take responsibility, even when you think you are not at fault. Life will reward you.

Women and Money Have Something in Common

Niether can make you happy, but both can make you miserable. How much money you earn doesn't matter if you don't spend wisely. You can be poor and happy, but if your ridden with debt, you will be miserable. Same thing with women. No woman can make you happy, but the wrong one will make you miserable.

The Biggest Threat to our Nation: Selfishness

I know there's nothing new under the sun and selfish people have always existed, but the more we give in to our selfish desires, the more we excuse it for other people. Why should we die in war, when we can die a few precious years later while living under the thumb of a totalitarian government? Why fight for the betterment of society, when I can demand more for myself at your expense?

The thought that somebody else owes you just because you exist is a problem. We face a future where majority stops thinking about others and just think about theirselves. That's a world that I hope I'm not around to see, but believe that I will.

One Last Thought

and I'll call it a night. Democrats care about the poor, but only when it's politically convenient. When Democrats talk about the helping the poor, what they really are telling you is what they believe will best benefit them, not the people they claim to help. A fine example of this was provided by Hugo Chavez, who kept gas prices lower out of concern for the poor. As gas prices dropped to 2 bucks a gallon, this man who cared about how much the poor people paid for gas, suddenly didn't care anymore. Hugo was one of the first to OPEC members to demand that oil supply be cut in order to prevent gas prices from dropping any further. Do you still think he cares about the poor? Niether do I.

Posted at 09:21 pm by Avman

November 11, 2006   03:16 PM PST
No, you don't agree with me, that's all.
Be sure of one thing: it will be more confortable for us to learn that ressources are infinite, Iraq is a peacefull country, Sadam bomb twin towers and was fight for that, God bless America, and so on.
So give me the proof of that and sure that I accept your verdict.
Unfortunatly, I'm not sure that you can do that, so .. open your eyes and your brain !!
November 7, 2006   03:37 PM PST
The Biggest Threat to our World: Selfishness of US.

US waste, kill, and unstabilized the world, like soviet unions fifty years ago.
Beeing a men or a women means looking the reality and not virtuality.
The reality is a World more dangerous with GW Bush, half a milions of death in Iraq, crisis in Iran, in Korea, in Palestine, in Libanon, in Africa, ....
The reality is Global Warming.
The reality is weapons traffic increase.
etc ...

Beeing a men is more difficult than let poor young GI's (some of them with the promess to became US citizen) doing a bad job.

Beeing a men is not compatible with lie.

And to finish, even if you don't like them, Hugo Chavez was elected and reelected, as Ortega will be today or Lula last month.
This wasn't the case of Pinochet, or Somoza who was both supported by US.

Democraty remains a dream for the main part of the World, but Democraty can not rise under bombs.
All men and women in the World know that.

November 6, 2006   12:43 PM PST
I'm from Florida, and I was wondering what you guys think of Charlie Crist's 'secret'??
JP Russell
October 28, 2006   03:06 PM PDT
Is their a similar analogy for women? or does the problem just exist for men?
Always On Watch
October 26, 2006   08:01 PM PDT
"Men don't worry about their happiness. Men go out and do the things they must so that the others around them are happy."

Unfortunately, too many Americans are into instant gratification, which is the ultimate expression of one's still being a child. Furthermore, our culture celebrated such selfishness.

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