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Thursday, October 13, 2005
Silence of the Lambs!

Right before Hurricane Katrina hit I was talking about the cruel dictator Hugo Chavez. Now's a good time to get back to Hugo, the Cruel.
Venezuela's Chavez Orders U.S. Missionary Group to Leave Country Skip directly to the full story.

BARRANCO YOPAL, Venezuela (AP) - President Hugo Chavez has ordered a U.S.-based Christian missionary group working with indigenous tribes to leave the country, accusing the organization of "imperialist infiltration" and links to the CIA.

Chavez said missionaries of the New Tribes Mission, based in Sanford, Florida, were no longer welcome. He spoke at a ceremony in a remote Indian village where he presented property titles to several indigenous groups.

Let's predict the liberals argument.....

This is the type of compassion that liberals are proud of. A man who is so pro-free speech that he kicks out the people that are helping the indigeous tribes. Of course, it's a socialist country so obviously it's a big lie the Christians are making up. Nobody is poor in a socialist country. Government takes care of everybody so there is nobody starving in any socialist country anywhere in the world. Of course free speech is available and freedom of religion is well respected.

These Christians must have ties to Pat Robertson which means they are trying to assassinate Hugo Chavez and they are using the poor, which doesn't exist in a socialist country, as shields.

The Silence of the Lambs started way before Pat Robertson had anything to say about this cruel dictator. When Frontline PBS did a documentary on Hugo Chavez, it was clear that Hugo Chavez would lead the country into a dictatorship.

WOMAN: [subtitles] Can I say the opposite?

JUAN FORERO: [on camera] This lady says, "Can I say something contrary?" She wants to give an-- and other people said, "No. Against Chavez? How can you do that?"

WOMAN: [subtitles] I would not vote for him again.

JUAN FORERO: [voice-over] But as the woman tried to speak, the crowd grew angrier.

MAN IN CROWD: [subtitles] That lady is speaking against Chavez! Not here.

JUAN FORERO: [on camera] She says, "I canít give my opinion. There isnít a democracy here. Thereís no democracy here." Some people here say we should allow the other side, but--

[voice-over] This is just the kind of incident that has led to shootings at political rallies over the last year. Increasingly, Venezuela has become a tinderbox for political passions.

I led the woman into a nearby government office-- not because we felt any danger, but the woman certainly did. It seems that in Venezuela, it is only the extreme voices that get heard.

[on camera] As we brought her in, three men -- we donít know who they are -- kind of followed us and listened to what was being said, so she felt uncomfortable.

[voice-over] An official led the woman away and said he was going to help her get out a back way. The official, who is also a Chavez supporter, would not let us talk with the woman. Later, he told us we shouldnít be covering this story at all and suggested instead that we do something on how good the tourism is in Venezuela.

It would be hard to do much of a story about tourism these days. The economy here is in a freefall, predicted to decline 20 percent this year. The problem, many say, is the countryís president, Hugo Chavez.

It was well known by those in the know that Hugo Chavez was a dictator. While doing some research into the allegations that Chavez had given 1 million to Bin Laden for his work in New York, I came across this comment on
Interestingly enough, when the Spanish police broke up an al-Qaeda cell in Spain last week, the leader was found to be a Spaniard who had converted to Islam. His pre-Muslim background? Active in HB, the political wing of the Marxist Basque-separatist terrorist group ETA. That same day, I read about Hugo Chavez, the left wing dictator of Venezuela, praising bin Laden.
That was posted on 11/17/2001 12:27:55 PM PST by livius. So Chavez's support of Osama Bin Laden is nothing new, but it only stands to reason that Pat Robertson was right. Turns out that Pat's recent comment wasn't anything new. In fact, on January 7, 2003, World Net Daily ran a similiar story. Guess liberals were sleeping over two years ago.
Defector: Chavez gave $1 million to al-Qaida

Venezuelan leader endangering region with increasing ties to terrorism

Recent high-level Venezuelan military defectors say President Hugo Chavez gave $1 million to al-Qaida shortly after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attack on the United States.

Air Force Maj. Juan Diaz Castillo, formerly a pilot for the Venezuelan leader, was smuggled to Miami last week where he is warning the U.S. of what he calls Chavez's dismissal of the constitution and his ties to terrorism in collaboration with Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

They weren't the only one to run with the story...
Comandante Chavez's Friends Hugo Chavez supports Saddam Hussein and terrorism. Several congressional Democrats support Chavez. What's wrong with this picture?

LATE LAST YEAR, 16 U.S. congressmen voiced their approval for Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. Representatives Barney Frank, John Conyers, Chaka Fattah, Jan Schakowsky, Jose Serrano, and others complained in a letter to President Bush that the United States was not adequately protecting Chavez against a groundswell of internal opposition to his increasingly authoritarian rule--an upsurge that might lead to his ouster. Elected to power in 1998, Lt. Col. Chavez has hijacked democracy in Venezuela and is openly moving the country toward totalitarianism. Beyond Venezuela's borders, he celebrates, protects, and does business with terrorists.

A day after the September 11 terrorist attacks, President Chavez declared that "The United States brought the attacks upon itself, for their arrogant imperialist foreign policy." Chavez also described the U.S. military response to bin Laden as "terrorism," claiming that he saw no difference between the invasion of Afghanistan and the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Yet no liberal has condemned these remarks. They love this guy, and yet they wonder why people think they are unpatriotic? This is a guy who IS an enemy of the United States, encourages the insurgency in Iraq, is building up arms to promote revolutions throughout Latin America, is reportedly to have given 1 million to Osama through the Taliban, is denying basic Rights such as free speech and life to his political enemies, and consistently hobknobs with known enemies of the United States. What is there to like about this guy? Well, if you are a liberal, everything. In fact, liberals cheered when this guy was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

More on Chavez coming, but until then read this...



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