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Tuesday, September 27, 2005
How to Get Rich During a Hurricane Without Even Trying!


The Cha-ching thing started because of a fast food commercial in which everytime the clerk would collect the money he'd yell "Cha-ching!" and spin around. That same year, the Saints and their fans picked up on it by saying "Cha-Ching" everytime the Saints would win. It's time to bring back that Louisiana tradition. No, the Saints still reek, but "Cha-Ching" should be going through the streets of Louisiana right now.

Ahhh, I can hear Ginger Roger's voice singing "We're in the money! We're in the money!" Man, can you believe this? The other 49 states are getting the royal shaft by Louisiana politicians. Why am I so happy about that? Well, it's about time somebody else besides a Louisianan gets screwed by these people. ~Cha-Ching!~

No seriously folks, I'm dancing a little jig here. It's a full throttle jiggalate. Woohoo. I'm seriously thinking of teaming up with Lesko and shilling big fat books titled "It's Your Money Louisiana!" We are getting rich from this hurricane business, it's time for Louisianans everywhere to celebrate. We hit the JACKPOT! ~Cha-Ching!~

Let's take the Governor of Louisiana, Kathleen Blanco... she's getting in on the act. Take this from the pages of Recall Governor Blanco.

I saw Governor Blanco being interviewed on television about a request she made to the Federal government for 1 billion dollars to hire 100 workers. As I understood from her response these workers would act as liaisons to the families affected by Hurricane Rita. A newsperson asked Governor Blanco if she said "M" for a million dollars or "B" for a billion dollars. The Governor said it was "B" for a billion dollars.

The newsperson then asked her if the billion-dollar price tag would include funds going to the affected families also. The Governor then looked confused and said maybe they would hire 300 or 400 workers. Another newsperson asked her the same question about whether the billion dollars would include helping out the affected families. She again stated that the billion dollars would be for hiring worker liaisons. Does this mean our Governor needs 1 billion dollars just for hiring 100 people, or did she simply not understand the reporter’s question? I’d like to know, wouldn’t you? Why couldn’t she comprehend the question?

Amazing isn't it? Woohooo! Man, do you know what that is going to mean in salary? What can I say, Governor Kathleen Blanco might not know how to ask for help, but man, she sure knows how to ask for money. Poor Coach Blanco, living with a woman that asks for money like that all those years. I'll bet he made her go out and get a job. Turned out, the only job she was qualified for was a politician. As a Louisiana citizen, thank God the hurricane hit, maybe Kathleen will quit looking for ways to raise our taxes. ~Cha-Ching!~

And the Baton Rouge mayor sent in his special requests for cash....

"They promised us basically unlimited resources," Holden said. "Unfortunately, it comes as a result from a tragedy."
Trajedy Kip? It was a trajedy, but look around, we've hit the Jackpot! ~Cha-Ching!~

It's time for the Louisiana Democrat Chairman to get in on the cash give away! I mean it's "Who Want's To Be A Millionaire" only every question is simple. He stepped down so he can run Halliburton... oops, I mean the Shaw Group. It's not a new role, he never left it, but after helping the Democrats win around the state, it's time for him to get his payback. ~Cha-Ching!~

Mayor Ray Nagin thinks New Orleans should get the majority of the money....Can you say ~Cha-Ching!~?

If that wasn't enough, Senator Mary Landrieu went for the gusto. Man, she went all out with her bill that the Washington Posts called "Louisiana Looters". This is just so awesome! I mean, that's the kind of greed we need around here. Louisiana politicians have never been greedy nor have they been selfish. They have always cared about the poor which explains why we have such low poverty here.

I wonder if Senator Landrieu's bill includes money for that Sugar Mill that Bob Odom always wanted. Maybe there's money in there for a certain legislature who wants to build a lake in Louisiana and call it economic development. He does have a point, look at how well our economy is being developed because of a lake in New Orleans. (Come on, say it with me) ~Cha-Ching!~

If Senator Landrieu was really intelligent, she'd add another 35 billion in order to build a hurricane machine so whenever Louisiana needed some money, they could just start up the machine and create a hurricane. Think Mary, Think! Think about the future, think outside the box! Of course they'd probably need an additional 5 billion for a hurricane director so that the hurricane hits Louisiana every time. Look, it works, we'd be garunteed casharoni for a long, long, time. What makes it even better is that this helps ensure that future hurricanes are catastrophes, after the profitability of Katrina, who's going to want to evacuate? Nah, after this big payola comes through, as each hurricane comes through, we'll all dance in the streets singing "~Cha-Ching!~

One profession that is certain to be left out of this big profit is the teachers, after all, if they got their pay raises, who's going to keep going out on Saturdays and vote those taxes back in? Um.... ~No Ching?~

Posted at 11:20 pm by Avman

October 4, 2005   09:11 PM PDT
I know it's off topic, but I got nostalgic about Cha Ching! How bout them Saints - 2 and 2! Shame we won't see the Dome Patrol anymore! Regards
October 4, 2005   09:11 PM PDT
I know it's off topic, but I got nostalgic about Cha Ching! How bout them Saints - 2 and 2! Shame we won't see the Dome Patrol anymore! Regards
September 30, 2005   10:28 AM PDT
I'm concerned about Louisiana officials, the majority of them are Democrats. However, I did fail to mention David Vitter along with Mary Landrieu.

As for Texas and Mississippi, well, I didn't vote for any of them if that makes you feel better.
John Haser
September 29, 2005   11:05 AM PDT

I don't have a problem with your lack of endoresement for the corrupt Louisiana democratic party, but I wonder if you have forgotten about the corrupt Louisiana REPUBLICAN Party. You also forgot a whole state of opportunists here in Mississippi. I guess you think there's no good ol' boy network there? Besides, let's not forget about the Great state of Texas and it's national contigent. I think there will be a lot of VERY happy oil men in Texas when this is over.

Your blame of one party machine here is laughable, we've all know the deep south is a cesspool of political patronage on BOTH sides.

A bipartisan group of people from both states and both parties is the best solution to this mess, hopefully their disdain for each other will win out over their greed or they'll BOTH rob us blind.
The Ghost of Reason
September 29, 2005   10:43 AM PDT
With all the politicians spouting off and asking for BooooKooooos of moolaa for rebuilding in N.O., I do NOT want one red cent of my Tax $$$ going to build/rebuild anything down in that hole EVER AGAIN!

Mother Nature will see to it that hole will be again be covered with water/swamp. I don't even think the rich oil Arabs can afford to keep rebuilding and putting money down a sinking hole. Even they got more sense than that.
September 29, 2005   10:29 AM PDT
You know what I am waiting for, Jeff? I am waiting for the reports of the total number of looters that were shot. I know it's much more than what has been reported. Next, the looting, as you know, made its way out of Orleans and into Jefferson Parish - that is where I am from and where my family lives. The pharmacy on the corner of W Esplanade and Clearview - ravaged - the owner siad he lost over 300K in merchadise. Have you heard this - I only hope it's urban legend - the pump on the lake near the Kenner/Metairie line was abandonded so the workers could resuce their houses/families - thus the pumps were unattended and shut off flooding that part of Metairie for no reason. Have you heard any of this? What a sad state of affairs - Great Blog - Great Post
John Cloud
September 28, 2005   05:07 PM PDT
I think we need to do some serious thinking before we pour very much more money into NOLA. They need to show some proof of what all the money that has been paid for studies on the levees and money to repair them. It certainly didn't go towards the upkeep or betterment of those levees. How about the fabulous bridge built to go to a (1) casino. Most likely built so the big shots of LA could drive over and gamble our tax dollars away.
Sarah Smitherman
September 28, 2005   11:57 AM PDT
I am getting a little tired on Blanco's whining about her problems when she doesn't have the sense God gave a goose and apparently is so crooked she is only thinking of how much she personally gain from this. I feel the same way about the mayor. Come on LA, let's get real and quit being such a bunch of blatant crooks!!!!!!

September 28, 2005   07:22 AM PDT
$1billion for 100 people comes to a "measly" $10,000,000 per person. Sure beats working!

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