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Wednesday, December 01, 2004
Black and White

In an earlier post, I made a joke that liberals need a "special" answer that simply says, "I only see shades of gray." Unfortunately the point was missed and mocked by some. So I will take the time to clarify.

There are people that wander this planet who will take the simplest ideas and complicate it and then consider theirself intelligent for doing so. They criticize those who see things as being black and white as being simple minded and uneducated. Never once do they think that those who see clear solutions to problems as people who have thought things through. Never once do they think that possibly the person has had personal experiences to draw upon that led them to the conclusion the answer is simple. Never once do the people of superior understanding attempt to understand those who differ from them.

They complicate the simple things.

The truth of the matter is that liberals see things as black and white all the time. The core conviction of a liberal will change at the behest of political convenience. Anything by the left is good. If it's done by the right, then it is evil. It's that simple to them. You can see it in the blogosphere. On many blogs from the left, dissenting comments are deleted on a daily basis. One only has to try it to find out. It's hard to imagine any liberal blogger who hasn't, at some point, deleted comments of dissent.

People complain the word 'liberal' is used as a generalization of a specific faction of the Democrat party, yet silently agree with generalizations that all Republicans are evil, Nazi, and racist. Ads by the left often accuse all Republicans of cutting Medicare and taking free lunches from small children. They don't seem to mind generalizations then. Again, the word Liberals describe a specific faction of a political party, the word Republicans is inclusive of the entire party.

War crimes can be overlooked if the war criminal is a Liberal. He can come home, go in front of the Senate and boast of committing several war crimes and is qualified to run for the President, yet a soldier in the heat of a battle killing a terrorist qualifies as evil. What's more, liberals don't understand why people don't care what they think on this matter.

Democrats would declare war on the American people rather than declare war on terrorism in some Middle Eastern country. How many liberals do you know support the bill and actually know what's in it? All they know is that Republicans oppose it, so it must be good. Here are some stances by the left.

Clinton bombing Iraq = Good
Bush bombing Iraq = Bad

Clinton having sex in the oval office = good
29 year old Rnold having sex with a black girl = terrible.

Clinton dodging the draft = Normal
Bush in the National Guard = despicable

Americans being hung and burned on bridges = no big deal
Americans torturing prisoners = atrocity

Cruz Bustamante saying the "N" word = accident
Trent Lott praising Jesse Helms = racist.

Serial killers = misunderstood
American Soldiers = War Criminals

We could go on but let's take a different approach. Let's pretend that President Bush had twin sons instead of daughters. Would anybody disagree that the left would have demanded that the Bush twins go to Afghanistan? If they did, does anybody believe that the liberals would have been satisfied with that? Of course not, the left then would have demand that the Bush twins go to Iraq, and just to make sure they twins didn't get special treatment, they would insist that the Bush twins fight in all the major battles. If the Bush twins lived, the left would then accuse them of being cowards. If they died in battle, then they would accuse the President of being so greedy for oil and so hungry for revenge that he willingly let his own children die. In the meantime, they would be joyous because the President would then know how all those families of soldiers felt.

And they wonder why they are on the outside looking in.

Posted at 02:24 am by Avman

December 6, 2004   11:46 AM PST
What mindless drivel. I particularly like the little "good-bad" chart, because it illustrates just how desperately you want the world to BE black and white, something it never is and never can be.

However, it must feel very comforting to ascribe to a black/white world-view, as it eliminates the nastiness of ambiguity and the sneaking suspicion that you are unsure of the future. It is clearly a childlike way to see the world.
December 4, 2004   04:22 PM PST
Heheh you republicans are so funny. The reason it was ok for Clinton to bomb iraq is cause he never lied about his pretenses for doing so. Bush claimed that Sadaam had WMD he didnt have. 1200 troops have died needlessly attacking a country that never once attacked america. This is all about oil. Haliburton is behind the invasion and i ll ask you this. Who gave Sadaam every chemical weapon he ever had your probably living in it and singing yankee doodle dandy. But i will agree with you republican s are more consistant than liberals. You can always count on them to start wars and plunge us into debt Hail King Clinton
The Cranky Liberal
December 3, 2004   08:58 AM PST
What a novel notion that all liberals see things in black and white they way you describe. Republicans = bad and anything on the left is good. That is just the kind of oversimplification that must slay them in the Red States.

We do see complicated issues in Black and White ways. We see the need to protect Civil Liberties in a very black and white way. We believe in ensuring a womans right to choose, that everyone is free to practice religion (or NOT practice) withouth endorsement from the govt. We believe that EVERY person is entitled to a fair trial by his peers. Maybe we think its pretty black and white that children should have healthcare and the elderly shouldnt chooe between food and medicine. Seems pretty balck and white to me. Protecting the rights of ADULTS to love who they wish and have the legal protections that the other 90% of America enjoys. Yeah - not realy gray on any of those issues.

I welcome disenting views on my blog. My problem is most conservatives won't rise to the challenge of intelligent debate.
December 2, 2004   05:00 PM PST
This is the most ridiculous post Ive ever seen. You contradict yourself about the whole black and white thing. Conservatives are just as guilty, if not worse, of discrediting any liberal opinion.

As for your regurgitative, one-sided "liberal stances"
Clinton put troops in Somalia and was chastized for it. He was also blamed for 9/11 for pulling them out.
Clinton dropped bombs in Afghanistan, but was later accused of not doing enough.
Clinton authorized the assassination of Osama Bin Laden in 1998, Bush grounded all intelligence over Afghanistan in 2000 untill after 9/11.

Liberals have never suggested that Americans who are the victims of terrorists are "no big deal." And don't even try to tell me that if Clinton had invaded Iraq, that he would not have been held responsible for Abu Graib, which btw, IS an atrocity. It is a direct violation of the Geneva Accords.

Conservatives stand up and claim they are for more civil rights, and a less intrusive government.
This does not apply if you are gay, atheist, pro-choice, or a Bush protester.

You tell liberals to get their facts straight, I think you better do some research yourself.

Try This:
Clinton got head and lied=impeached.
Bush violates Geneva Accords=Rumsfeld takes heat.

Liberal perjurs= Reps impeach.
Conservative gets felony Indictment=Reps. change the law

France disagrees with US, Republican government pisses all over them and even has the gall to change "french fries" to "freedom fries"
December 1, 2004   10:17 PM PST
i'll be bookmarking your blog, i find it refreshing...
December 1, 2004   09:13 PM PST
The fact of the matter is, if Clinton had decided to go into Iraq exactly the same way Bush did, you libs would have said nothing.
Johnny Nobody
December 1, 2004   07:48 PM PST
Thanks for clarifying our positions for us. I never knew Clinton handled Iraq the same way Bush handled Iraq. Anytime you got a calculator I'm sure you can do a bodycount comparison.

Thanks for the laugh....
The Name
December 1, 2004   12:33 PM PST
Try writing something that commands a thoughtful response first.

The Name
December 1, 2004   10:09 AM PST
That's a fair criticism. I will get back to linking more.
December 1, 2004   08:21 AM PST
Wow, you're are so good at this. I am impressed. Maybe you ought to go teach somebody something.

Try refuting the ideas.
The Name
December 1, 2004   07:22 AM PST
The Name's Avman Quote of the Day:

There are people that wander this planet who will take the simplest ideas and complicate then and then consider theirself intelligent for doing so. They criticize those who see things as being black and white as being simple minded and uneducated.


Who considers theirselfs intelligent? C'mon. Who is it?

-The Name!

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